About Susan

Susan C. Perkins is a certified Alexander Technique teacher, holds a B.A. from the N.C. School of the Arts, and a master’s degree in violin performance from Florida State University.  As a professional violinist, she began to experience pain in her wrist. Massage, physical therapy, acupuncture and taking breaks from playing relieved her symptoms temporarily, but they always returned.

Susan Perkins, Alexander Technique TeacherThanks to a referral from another violinist, Susan began seeing an Alexander Technique Teacher. During the next two years, her own success in learning to play the violin without pain inspired her to become a Certified Teacher through the American Society for the Alexander Technique, which requires 1,600 hours of coursework.

Susan continues to play and teach violin to students of all ages.

“I love helping people learn about this unique method of uniting the body and mind and learning a beautiful way of moving. When the body and the mind work together in a more harmonious relationship, a lifelong process of freedom from restrictive habits can begin.”